jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

First European petition in favor of Bears in the Pyrenees

Dear friends
We need your help for the recovery of the bear population in the Pyrenees to make it viable.
29 French and Spanish associations have jointly launched the first european request for the Bears in the Pyrenees.
Help us by signing the petition and spreading it among your friends today! 

Please, sign our Pyrenees Bear Petition (Spanish)

There are about 20 bears in the Spanish and French Pyrenees at present. There are not enough to allow long-term preservation of the species in the Pyrenees, neither on the western area or the central area. There are not enough individuals in the central Pyrenees, despite the release of new bears. As for the western Pyrenees, which covers half the Pyrenean range, the population consists of only two males; it is literally on the verge of extinction.

The survival of bears in the Pyrenees therefore requires willful and ambitious policy.

We, the undersigned, request from the Spanish and French governments strong, concerted, harmonized and lasting action for the recovery to a viable bear population in the Pyrenees, through conservation plans and recovery of the species. This should including:

- The immediate introduction of new bears in both areas to enhance the bear population.
- A better legal protection of the brown bear in France and Spain.
- Better protection of their habitat in France and Spain.
- A proactive policy of recovery of this unique natural heritage for the people.
- Effective measures to promote the coexistence, prevention and compensation for damage to livestock in the Pyrenees.

Signatories Spanish Associations:

Acció Natura, WWF-Spain, Friends of the Earth Aragon, Aragon Naturalist Association (ANSAR), Lliga Natural Patrimoni's Defense, Ecologists in Action Aragon, The Nature Fund, Fund for the protection of wild animals (FAPAS), Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture (FCQ), The Navarra Fund for the Protection of the Natural Environment (Gurelur).

French Associations members of CAP-Ours:

Altaïr Nature, Animal Cross Association Pyrénéenne accompagnateurs in Montagne des Pyrénées-Orientales département du (APAM 66), APATURA, Association Nature Comminges (ANC) Ariégeois Ecologique Committee (CEA), Associatif Conseil International pour la Protection des Pyrénées (CIAPP) FERUS (Groupe Loup France / ARTUS), Fonds d'Intervention Eco-Pastoral - Groupe Ours Pyrénées (FIEP), France Nature Environnement (FNE), Hautes Pyrenees France Nature Environnement (FNE 65), France Nature Environnement Midi-Pyrénées (Midi FNE -Pyrénées), Mille Traces, Nature Midi-Pyrenees, Midi-Pyrenees Nature local committee Hautes-Pyrénées, Pays de l'Ours-ADET (Association pour le Développement Durable des Pyrénées), Société d'Etude et d'Aménagement Protection of la Nature dans le Sud Ouest - Pyrénées-Atlantiques (SEPANSO 64), Société Française pour l'Etude et la Protection des Mammifères (SFEPM), Sours, WWF France.

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  1. The nature can survive without men but humans can´t survive without the nature. So let´s change the situation.